Shocking Reasons why you don’t Exercise

8 Shocking Reasons why you don’t Exercise and how you can Begin. This article is straight to the point with a practical guide to help you start exercising even when you don’t feel like doing it. Every year we put down many resolutions without living out any of them. Maybe your case is different in […]

Basic Exercise Routine for Maximum Fitness

With so much advice out there on different styles of training and areas of fitness, the common one you often get is to exercise. Perhaps, you may have received such advice either from a health consultant on a visit to the hospital or possibly during your daily activities but the question that you and I […]

Know the Best Gym and Yoga Centre in Lagos.

Whether your goal is to get stronger or faster, lose weight, or just improving the quality of your life, getting to know the best place to achieve such audacious ambition is something you should give your best shot. And for a metropolitan city like Lagos commonly regarded as the economic hub of Nigeria and rated […]