Mrs. Pooja Panjabi (MD):

For Mrs. Pooja Panjabi , fitness is inculcated since her childhood. Although for Yoga she got inspired through her mom , she has always been into fitness and healthy living. Following her ideology of being healthy, she has always been curious as well as excited about sharing the benefits of Yoga. She wants to bring a mindset change in the people of Nigeria where social gathering is preferred over fit & healthy lifestyle. She has a passion for Yoga and with this same enthusiasm, she wants to spread the teachings & benefits of Yoga through her Gym & Yoga Centre. To begin with, Mrs. Panjabi started taking Yoga class at her residence and after few years of strict training regime, her students had seen some wonderful life changing results, which were not just subjected to physical but mental improvements as well.

These astounding results gave her the satisfaction & confidence for taking Yoga & fitness to a bigger scale. She has graduated in Commerce from M.S. University Baroda.  Apart from this, Mrs. Pooja is a certified Sujok instructor.

Mr. Vijay Panjabi (Director):

Mr. Vijay Panjabi is a serial-entrepreneur and has an overall Africa work experience of more than 20 years. He is successfully managing multiple business and is always lookout for new opportunities. His passion for business , combined with his tenacity makes him a force to reckon with. Sharing the same narrative as his partner, Mr. Vijay wants to promote healthy well-being by providing never-seen-before facilities in Lagos, Nigeria.